A political advisor spends days dealing with power, policy and prestige. But it's a stress-filled job, with long hours and big egos. Climbing the ranks to becoming an advisor can be a long journey. Use these steps to become a political advisor.

Get a college degree. Almost all political advisors have a college degree and many have post graduate diplomas. Law, business, communications and political science are all popular majors for political advisors.
Welcome to Political Advisory Foundation
Political Advisory Foundation emerged in 2011 from Delhi. The Idea is given by our Honorable director Mr. S.M Ali. He is concerned about the lack of integrity found in our political system to improve the quality of political and governmental leadership in state and Central government. Simply stated, the purpose of this unique leadership foundation is to produce better qualified, ethical, honest, promising and more representative public leaders in India at both state and Central governments. The Foundation provides leadership development of persons who has been identified with the potential to become future public leaders. No other program offers such a comprehensive curriculum in strategic political leadership development. The Board chooses 25 Fellows in each batch for annual classes on the basis of leadership potential and commitment without Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, Language, Region, Religion or ideology.
Indian Political System
Courses Syllabus
Course for the Election of M.P.
Course for the Election of M.L.A.
Course for the Election of Councilor
Political Awareness Course.
Leadership Skills Course.
Election Management Course.
Law and order within states
Foreign Policy
Varies by time and place
When central goverment is weak
Public Expenditures
Economic Planning
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